Installing the My Must Reads app on Kobo, Nook, and Amazon tablets

Amazon Fire: There are two simple ways to install the My Must Reads app onto your Amazon Fire. With both ways, you need to be on your Fire.

Method one: While on your Fire, allow “Unknown Sources” under the Menu→Settings→Applications. (You may have already done this if you have installed other third-party apps.) Then tap here. Tap the download button on the window that opens up. Ignore the warning, the file is safe. After the file downloads, tap “Downloads” on the Silk browser menu. Then tap mymustreads.apk. Ignore the warnings (This app can’t really make phone calls.) and tap “Install.” That’s all there is to it!  Open the app, sign in with the same email and password you used to order a book and, like magic, your book will be in your library.

Method two: Tap here while on your Fire and ignore the warning that the app may not be  “compatible.”  It’ll work fine. (Amazon often inexplicably says the app isn’t “currently available.” If this happens to you, please use Method One above.)

Method three:  If you have Google Play installed on your Fire, you can download the app (and lots of other great apps) from Google Play. Here’s a link to how you can install Google Play if you haven’t already.

Method four:  Use the Fire’s Silk browser and go to Search for: “My Must Reads App” and download the app from there.

Please Note: Kindle e-readers such as the basic Kindle, the Paperwhite, the Voyage, and the Oasis only support Amazon’s proprietary brand of e-books. If you purchased an e-book or audiobook from us to read or listen to on your Kindle e-reader, please email us here and we’ll quickly refund your purchase price. Or, better yet, upgrade to a full-featured tablet to use our full-featured app. Tap or click here for a selection from

Kobo: To install the My Must Reads app on your Kobo tablet, tap “Get Apps” in the Kobo “All Apps” menu. Tap Google Play and search for “My Must Reads” and download the app.

Nook: To install the My Must Reads app to your Nook tablet, tap the Google Play icon on your Nook and search for “My Must Reads” and download the app.

After installing the app, sign into it with the email address and password you used to make a purchase. The book will magically show up in “My Library” on the app. Download the book from the cloud by tapping on it. Enjoy!

Questions? Please email and we’ll get right back to you.